Friday, October 19, 2012

Creationism Vs Evolution

I recently read the articles by creationist refuting Whale Evolution. I am really amazed at the clarity (in confusing the innocent readers) with which they could refute scientific facts. Its an awesome (con-grats) job. 

After spending a lot of time on creationist web site. I concluded the following from their understanding of the nature and the origin of species...
  1. God has an amazing capability to create new species whenever there is a major or minor climate or geographical changes on Earth (1 planet out 160 billion Stars in Milky-way Galaxy from 400 billion Observable Galaxies in universe). 
  2. God made sure that some transitional species extinct at a precise time, so that the stupid scientists who follow another stupid Darwin will get thoroughly confused, and still cant see Gods Grandeur design. 
  3. God made sure that by the time God created (Humans) Homo Sapiens on Earth, 99% of the species where extinct (terminated by Gods design - natural disasters). 
  4. God made sure that species were introduced into earth at specific times (Refer the Image below) so that Scientist will get this stupid idea that there is natural selection & common descent resulting in Evolution. How could all these scientists be so stupid and blind, they all should immediately find another job. They should all say sorry to God, ask priests from all religions to start teaching kids about Gods Grand design instead of Science. 

Nature : Whale Evolution 

Thats a terrific amount of awesome design pattern. God creates species and then destroys them by natural disasters (5 major Natural disasters in Earth History). If a man does 1 billionth of this type of species destruction (Gods creation and destruction as per creationist) we call him (that man) Hitler!

Recently I read a statistics by WHO that 7 million kids die every year before they turn 5 due to malnutrition, disease. Again another Design Evidence of a merciful God. There is definitely a reason why so many innocent kids should die every year. God definitely has a plan for why these kids should suffer and die a painful death.

I bow my humble head to a benevolent, merciful, generous, peace loving, omni potent and omni present God!!

Btw I got a new name for Creationists - RAT (Reckless Anti-evolutionist Theologian)


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