Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Self, the Origin

The Self, the conscious mind (the soul from a spiritual outlook) - How did we get this? or what are the fundamental prerequisites for the birth of 'self'? Before I get deep into that, let me share some of the questions, which bothered me since my high school days.

1.     Why is our vision tuned to the light spectrum (and not radio waves, x-rays, or infrareds) of the electro-magnetic wave?
2.     Why do we think in a rational way?
3.     Why do we (humans) all look different (except the identical twins)?
4.     Why do we have just 5 senses and not 3 or 7?
5.     Why do we have our own identity? Why cannot I see/know what others think?

To find out more about this, read more in my blog The Conscious Mind / Self, The Origin

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