Saturday, April 24, 2010

Death an end or a new beginning?

Death is an enlightening start (of course don't try to pinpoint start with a time point), instead of a frightening end. 
Here is the proof.

Death in medical term is brain dead. When your brain dies, your consciousness vanishes along with the "self". Self creates the illusion of "I" your identity which makes you think that you are not part of the universe. At sub-atomic level everything is built upon electrons, up and down quarks (matter = energy). So, when the mind shuts down, and the self is gone.. you are back to your roots, i.e., you are truly part of the universe - back home.. Getting back home is always exciting isn't it? So, how can it be frightening?


Anonymous said...

Who said its frightening ? Are you frightened ?

Araf Karsh said...

Not after I found a good answer... :-)